Our Services

Outsource Your Training Needs To Us

We are ready and able to create and develop training courseware for your Samsung group company. We can create eLearning content, courseware, and documentation using our proven five-step development process. We can also deliver your training through webinars and instructor-led training sessions.

Courseware Development

Working with your product managers and subject matter experts (SMEs), we can develop the exact courseware you need to teach your partners and/or customers how to maximize the potential of the Samsung products. We follow our proven five-step courseware development process that produces courseware and content that will definitely meet the needs of your learners. Whether for eLearning, web-delivered training, or classroom instruction, you can trust that the courseware we develop for you will hit the mark, and your learners will walk away knowing what they need to get the job done.


Our eLearning content is created from proper courseware and documentation and will teach your learners what they need to know in an engaging and way. They will be able to learn at their own pace using computers at their desks or mobile devices on the go. Our courseware developers use state-of-the-art development tools to generate eLearning courses and classes that use videos, simulations, lectures, and assessments to disseminate the knowledge to your learners.


Our skilled educators can engage your learners through multiple venues. Whether delivering web-based presentation, teaching in the classroom, or presenting in large venues with hundreds of onlookers, our instructors will present your content in a way that relates to the multiple learning modalities of their audiences.


At Samsung SDS University, the learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in the workplace. To ensure this, we base our training on learning principles that optimize behavior and improve performance.


SDS University Sr. Manager and Lead Trainer

Patrick is a highly motivated corporate education leader and visionary with 12+ years of teaching, leadership, and communication experience. He has a world-wide focus on global partner and customer enablement, creating and delivering instructor-led, web-based, and e-Learning training and certification programs. Patrick is a skilled instructor, presenter, and facilitator with experience presenting to a wide variety of venues from small groups and classrooms to large auditorium settings all over the United States and the world. Patrick has a strong technical background in IT, cloud technologies, distributed computing (VMware, AWS, CenturyLink), Windows and Linux server administration, enterprise server applications, networking, and training support technologies.